Augzet Engineers is an authorized  Solar Contractor in South India.

We have practical experience in custom solar power arrangements. ‘We welcome you to the world of green energy. We need you to appreciate the change to solar and to live in solace and without dread of your electric bills. We enable you to use clean vitality and appreciate free power from the sun. It is our obsession to give you extraordinary consumer loyalty and administration in each part of your solar board establishment.


To generate awareness and help people to reduce pollution and optimise energy consumption by implementing solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and green building solutions


Transform the world to a carbon neutral zone by making clean energy and smart building solutions available and affordable to everyone


Sustainability in our hearts.
Innovation in our soul.
At an unmatchable Speed
Offering the best Value for Money
Support and Reliability that you can trust

Why Choose Us

We provide internationally certified products at an affordable price.

Our bright ideas come from the sun.

Fastest Work

Project completion in only 2 months.

Customized Solutions

We offer tailor made products that meet your requirement and budget

Innovative Design

We provide innovative 3D designs to verify your building's aesthetics

Regular Maintenance

We take care of our projects with periodic inspection in every 6 months

KW Installed
KGs of CO2 Reduced

When energy is coming from the Sun, Why are we digging the Earth?